Webinar, Oct 5, 2017: Third Party Risk Management: The Three Lines of Defense

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Effective third party management is a business imperative. It can protect your institution’s reputation, resources and customers. Join MyCompliance Office (MCO) and Linda Tuck Chapman, President ONTALA Performance Solutions and former Chief Procurement Officer of three major banks as we discuss best practices in third party risk management.
Join this Webinar for insights on:
•  The “Three Lines of Defense” framework for third party risk
•  Best practices to translate policy and processes into action
•  How to overcome some of the biggest challenges

What: Third Party Risk Management: The Three Lines of Defense
Who: MyComplianceOffice with Linda Tuck Chapman of Ontala
When: October 5th, 2017 at 12 pm EST

For more information and to register,  CLICK HERE