Optimize & Govern Critical Relationships

In your complex extended enterprise, traditional procurement and task-heavy risk management may not deliver expected results. Striking the right balance between cost, risk and performance for high-reliance relationships has never been more important or challenging. The rewards for getting it right are compelling.

We bring hands-on procurement and third party risk management experience, delivered with market-leading insight, best practices, and deep expertise. Our expert advisory services and years of front-line experience build a strong foundation for healthy relationships that drive best value for money, while minimizing risk and costs.

Optimal deal structure, risk-centric negotiations, and outcome-based governance enable critical relationships that truly drive enterprise value.

Outsourcing Governance Framework

Outsourcing Governance Framework

Our expert advisory services help our clients create management and governance processes and tools to significantly improve business outcomes for one or a portfolio of critical third party relationships, while minimizing resource requirements.

Our pragmatic methodologies are built through experience, market leading expertise, and best practices. Linda Tuck Chapman and associates focus exclusively on third party management and governance solutions.

Our hands-on experience means collaboration with internal stakeholders and critical third parties to create effective tools and processes to address real-life relationships. We align existing best practices within your company and critical third parties with external best practices.

We consistently deliver thought leadership, best practices and market leading expertise. We work with financial institutions, fintechs and outsourcers in multiple geographies, driving enterprise value.

As experienced subject matter experts, we bring insight into the most current practices and challenges from across the sector. We can help your company achieve the business case for critical third party relationships or develop a program that will help you manage the whole portfolio.