Outsourcing Governance

Managing complexity in a multi-sourced world, and aligning scarce resources with the highest impact activities can be challenging. Consistent tools, processes and practices help drive maximum benefits from third party relationships. In their absence, it can be challenging to achieve expected results.

As senior-level practitioners and seasoned advisors, Linda Tuck Chapman and her Affiliates deliver a unique combination of expertise and experience. Our specialty is the financial services sector.

ONTALA’s suite of Outsourcing Management and Governance services help our clients implement consistent, sustainable capabilities that create value, while reducing costs and effort:

Outsourcing Governance Framework

Outsourcing Governance Framework

Our expert advisory services help our clients create management and governance processes and tools to significantly improve business outcomes, while minimizing resource requirements.

Our pragmatic methodologies are built through experience, market leading expertise, and development/deployment of best practices. Our team of professionals focuses exclusively on Third Party management and governance programs, services, and solutions.

Our hands-on experience means that we work collaboratively with our clients’ internal stakeholders and valued third parties to create effective tools and processes in real-life situations. We align our clients’ best practices with those found in some of the most highly respected third parties, while incorporating emerging practices from the marketplace.

We consistently deliver practical solutions and market leading expertise. We’ve worked with some of the largest financial institutions and outsourcing service providers, globally and in the U.S.

As experienced subject matter experts, we bring insight into the most current practices and challenges from across the sector. We can help your company achieve the business case for critical third party relationships or develop a program that will help you manage the whole portfolio.