Third Party Management

Reliance on third party relationships has dramatically increased in recent years. Concurrent with increased reliance is the rapidly escalating complexity in multi-sourced relationships and the operating environment.

As senior-level practitioners and seasoned advisors, Linda Tuck Chapman and her Affiliates deliver a unique combination of expertise and experience. Our specialty is the financial services sector.

ONTALA’s suite of third-party risk management services can assist your organization to assess, design, develop, implement and manage your program.

Our expert advisory services help our clients create programs that deliver business value while complying with regulatory requirements. In today’s business climate weak/incomplete programs and compliance gaps can lead to regulatory sanctions, fines, reputation risks, data loss, and quality and customer service issues.

Our pragmatic methodologies are built through experience, market leading expertise, and development/deployment of best practices. Our team of professionals focuses exclusively on Third Party management programs, services, and solutions.

Our hands-on experience means that we can develop or review existing operating models and processes that address the entire lifecycle of your third party relationships, from identification of inherent risks, through selection and due diligence processes, to ongoing performance and risk management, to the eventual termination of the relationship. We can review and develop enhancements and controls in existing strategic sourcing and procurement processes.

We consistently deliver thought leadership and market leading expertise. We’ve worked with some of the largest financial institutions and outsourcing service providers, globally and in the U.S.

As experienced subject matter experts, we bring insight into the most current practices and challenges from across the sector. We can help your company achieve measurable rewards from effective third party management throughout the lifecycle of relationships.